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Launch your business today, This is the perfect dashboard for IPTV Resellers, very clean %100 & easy to create the IPTV lines.


Generates the line from your Phone

This is the digital dashboard developed for IPTV Reseller, You can create the lines as you testlike from your mobile phone. Or laptop the dashboard is full control


What is Simple Bouquet Editor?

You can choose the channels only what your customer wants, so the lines will be fast, example you can send the channels for your customer USA, UK, Germany, France, Arabic, channels


24/7 Support for you 

Known for working around just about any issues, our tech support will always be glad to help you online, on a 24/7 basis!

Simply create a IPTV subscription

In a few minutes you can create perfect a subscription.

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“David Creates a line in less than 1 minute.”
What is Custom Bouquet?

Custom bouquet is if you want the channels only for Europe, for example, you can create a group so that you can go faster.

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“Top notch support for you.”
IPTV Reseller

How to Start your IPTV Business

You can sell the IPTV Subscription Week, Months, Year, and the Trial accounts, or you can give the IPTV Trial for free

one year. You can sell the subscription however you want. Example you have got a client, and he would like a year IPTV subscription. In your panel, you bought 150 credits or more from us. Then you will choose in your panel a year subscription costs 35 credit, and you will sell the subscription to your clients €99.99 or more, so you can make money

We also have connection for two. What is 2 Connection. 2 
Connection means if a client wants an IPTV line, works with two devices at the same time. You can sell the 2 Connection IPTV for your Clients

Contact us if you have any question:

Easy way to make money
Multiple Layouts
Modular Components
Suits Your Style

Should you be a pro?

You don’t need to be that professional, we will teach you everything how to deal with your customer, with the IPTV Install on the APP or Devices, or ask questions or add channels at our service,

We have everything ready for you, here you can find the Tutorial

Credit Costs for Resellers

When you become our reseller, you will buy credits to load your reseller panel.

The minimum amount is €150. REMEMBER: €1 = 1 Credit

24 hours Trial = 0 Credits

1 Week= 2 Credits

1 Month = 5 Credits

3 Month = 11 Credits

6 Month = 20 Credits

1 Year = 35 Credits

2 Connection

1 Month = 10 Credits

3 Month = 21 Credits

6 Month = 39 Credits

1 Year = 65 Credits

We provide more credits (bonus) if you add credits more than 150 euros.

We accept the simple method Payments

MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express. PayPal.Skrill. iDEAL. Giropay.SEPA. Sofort. Western Unoin. Transferwise, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, USDC, USDT, DAI,

Pay With Cryptocurrency & get more Bonus Credits



Bitcoin Cash






Pay With Cryptocurrency and get more bonus

  • 150 Credits Points
  • Bitcoin Price 155 Credits
  • 0 Bonus
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13% Bonus

  • 340 Credits Points
  • Bitcoin Price 360 Credits
  • 13% Extra
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23% Bonus

  • 600 Credits Points
  • Bitcoin Price 635 Credits
  • 23% Extra
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34% Bonus

  • 1335 Credits Points
  • Bitcoin Price 1400 Credits
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50% Bonus

  • 3000 Credits Points
  • Bitcoin Price 3100 Credits
  • 50% Extra
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60% Bonus

  • 4400 Credits Points
  • Bitcoin Price 4500 Credits
  • 60%Extra
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ProfiIPTV Resellers

Tutorial IPTV Dashboard Reseller

Money-Back guarantee 7 days

Your money is safe, if you didn’t like our service, just contact us and your money will be refunded, the refund is only 7 days